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Facade of Powis Castle showing the sequence of garden terraces below featuring massive clipped yews at Powis Castle and Garden, Wales
Powis Castle and the garden terraces below with massive clipped yews | © National Trust Images/Carole Drake

Powis Castle autumn walk

On this autumn walking trail, you'll see the garden come alive in an array of reds, yellows, burnt oranges and golds. Enjoy the sight of seasonal flowers along the borders of the terraces, enjoy the crisp sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet in the Wilderness woodland, and take in the sweet aroma from the apple trees in the Formal Garden.

Entrance ticket required

To enter the garden, you'll need to collect an entrance ticket from the Ticket Office at Powis.

Total steps: 9

Total steps: 9

Start point

Powis Castle Garden Kiosk, grid ref: SJ2152106369

Step 1

Collect your entrance ticket from the Ticket Office and enter the garden. Follow the path and take a left turn onto the Top Terrace. Pause to admire the bright red berries of the Cotoneaster on your right before continuing along the path which affords great aerial views across the garden, Severn Valley and Breidden Hill.

Step 2

At the end of the terrace, take the set of steps on your right down to the Aviary Terrace. On your right, take a moment to admire the 18th Century statues of dancing shepherds adorning the balustrade before taking the next flight of steps down to the Orangery Terrace. At the bottom of the steps, pass across the front of the Orangery and continue between the parallel borders ahead of you.

Step 3

Continue through the gap in the box hedge at the end of the border and take the first path on your left, opposite the peacock statue. As you do so, note the Sumac trees (Rhus typhina) on your left which have leaves that transform into a brilliant show of reds, oranges and yellows at this time of year.

Step 4

At the end of the terrace, descend the flight of steps on your right and at the bottom turn left into the Formal Garden. Follow the path straight ahead and at the end turn right to continue past our black and white half-timbered holiday cottage, The Bothy, which was once home to many of Powis’ Edwardian gardeners. Continue straight on and take the next path on your right. As you do so take a moment to notice the different vines climbing up the arch which glow with autumn colour.

Step 5

At the end of the path, you’ll see the Garden Coffee Shop ahead of you, perfect if you want to warm up with a hot drink and slice of cake before continuing into the Wilderness, Powis’s formal woodland. Keep the Garden Coffee shop on your left and continue along the path for just a few metres before taking the flight of steps up towards the Great Lawn. At the top take the first path on your left and continue into the woodland via the set of shallow steps. As you continue to the view point, notice the cherry tree with its autumn foliage on your right.

Step 6

Take a moment to enjoy the iconic view of the castle across the Great Lawn, which at this time of year will be accompanied by a show of autumn colour on the slope below the Lower Terrace. Afterwards, walk across the grassy area behind you and past the giant stone vase before turning right. Continue through the woodland on this path, following the perimeter of the garden.

Step 7

Continue to follow the path around the perimeter of the garden, taking the left path at any points where the path forks. As you walk, stop to take in the autumnal views across the Severn valley towards Corndon Hill with the Long Mynd behind.

Step 8

As you reach the corner of the garden follow the path round to the right. Notice the bright autumn foliage of the various birch trees with their white stems and further along the path, the unusual trunk of the Snakebark maple. Before taking a left at the fork, notice the coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) stretching up seemingly to the heavens.

Step 9

As you approach the Ice House, take a moment to look up and see the burnt orange foliage of the southern beech (Nothofagus alpina) tree. Make your way around the pond and enjoy the reflections of autumn on the water’s surface. On the far side by the fence, look out for the Cryptomeria japonica 'Elegans' with foliage that transforms into deep bronze. Continue round the pond and up the slight incline until you see the large gate on your left. Here the path splits and the steepest will take past the vibrant yellow Ginkgo tree with its unusual shaped leaves. Continue back to the Garden Kiosk which you'll see on your left.

End point

Powis Castle Garden Kiosk, grid ref: SJ2152106369

Trail map

Map showing route and steps of the Powis Castle autumn walk
Powis Castle autumn walk | © National Trust/Robert Polley

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