A bridge for nature

Willdlife and Wicken's herds of Konik ponies and Highland cattle will be free to roam over wider areas of Wicken Fen thanks to a new 'bridge for nature'.

The new bridge links two areas of the reserve, Baker's Fen and Harrison's Farm, which are separated by Harrison's Drove. As the drove is officially desiginated as a highway an innovative solution had to be found to provide free accesss for wildlife and Wicken's grazing animals, whilst not hindering peoples use of the drove.

The bridge was funded by public donations to our ‘Bridge for Nature’ appeal, the Michael Marks Charitable Trust, and a grant from Viridor Credits Environmental Company, which is a not for profit organisation providing funding for community, heritage and biodiversity projects around the UK through the Landfill Communities Fund.  

" The new bridge will make it easier for wildlife to spread over the nature reserve, it will also allow our grazing animals to roam freely across a much larger area; a fundamental aim in our land management aspirations. Thank you to everyone who donated to our 'Bridge for Nature appeal' and Viridor Credits, who have helped turn a vision into reality"
- Martin Lester, Countryside Manager

The bridge is expected to open this spring once the construction site has recovered and vegetation has colonised the approach ramps and surrounding area.

Three shallow scrapes have been created where clay has been excavated for use in the construction of the bridge, these will in time provide excellent habitats for wildlife. 

In the longer term our ambition is to link Adventurers' Fen to Burwell Fen via a new crossing over Burwell Lode. This will form part of the Lodes Way, (National Cycle Route 11), linking Ely to Bottisham. The bridge would also have a segregated crossing enabling Wicken's grazing animals and wildlife to cross Burwell Lode opening up  a vast area of the nature reserve for grazing.