Butterfly Trail

During spring & summer you can see up to 20 species of butterflies at Wicken Fen. The best place to see them is on the Butterfly Trail, just a short walk from the Visitor Centre.

The Butterfly Trail is in a plantation, an area of broadleaf woodland, which was planted in the 1980s.  The plantation provides the ideal habitat for butterflies, with a good range of wildflowers & grasses for larvae & butterflies to feed off, whilst the close proximity of the trees provides areas of direct sunlight & shelter from the wind.

Species you are likely to see include the brimstone, ringlet, painted lady, common blue and small & Essex skipper.

Each week from April to September we conduct a butterfly transect, walking the same route around th etrail, noting down the number and species of butterflies seen.

Transects are best carried out in dry, warm, bright weather conditions (not always possible with our British weather) in the middle of the day, when butterfly activity is at its height.

We submit our butterfly data, along with weather data to the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, who combine data from a range of sites to give an overall picture of the UKs butterfly population.