Looking After Wicken Fen

Wicken Fen has been under the care and protection of the National Trust for over 120 years.

The fledgling National Trust was only a few years old when it purchased two acres of fenland at Wicken in 1899, for the sum of just £10.
Today the reserve covers an area in excess of 800 hectares and is looked after by a dedicated team of rangers and volunteers.
The reserve has a number of important designations including; a National Nature Reserve, Site of Special Scientific Interest (national designations),  a Special Area of Conservation (European designation) and a Ramsar Site (an international wetland designation).
The historic heart of the reserve is managed much as it has been for hundreds of years, using traditional principles but modern techniques. The annual work programme includes harvesting sedge, litter cutting (marsh hay) and scrub management.
It would not be possible to manage newer areas of the reserve in such an intensive manner. On these areas we are adopting a less prescriptive approach to its management, using extensive grazing to control the growth and spread of vegetation.