Reach24 Acres BioBlitz

Picture of children and adults trying to identify a bug

Join the Wicken Fen Rangers as we try to identify and record as many species as possible in just 24 hours on the Reach24 Acres site, over the weekend of 2 & 3 July.

A BioBlitz is an intense period of biological surveying to chart and record all living species within a designated area.  It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to join in and discover the amazing diversity of wildlife on their doorstep - with experts on hand to help identify and record the finds.

The 24 acre site on the edge of the village of Reach, was purchased by the National Trust in 2011 for the Wicken Fen Vision, the National Trust’s ambitious project to create a landscape scale nature reserve stretching from Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve to the outskirts of Cambridge.

Around 12 acres of the site was leased to the local community for projects such as a community orchard, wood fuel coppice and the creation of a cricket pitch, with the remainder of the site being used for nature conservation.

The programme for the weekend is:

Saturday 2 July (8 – 10pm) - Setting small mammal traps, listening for bats and moth trapping.

Sunday 3 July (8am – 1pm) - Opening mammal traps, searching for and identifying, bugs, birds, butterflies and plants. 1pm onwards – picnic and species count-up.

The Reach24 Acre site is just North of the village of Reach on the Burwell Road.