Reflections and Revelations: Hidden Art

Artists Helen Terry and Sally Tyrie have been visiting Wicken Fen at different times of the year to experience the unique landscape and environment of the Fen.

You can see an exhibiton of their work at the Babylon Gallery in Ely from Wednesday 11th to Sunday 22nd April 2018.  

Meanwhile, from Friday 30th March to Wednesday 25th April you can see some of their work here at Wicken Fen. Sally and Helen have installed small pieces of mixed media work in selected hides to invite visitors to share in some of the less obvious insights that have inspired them. Glimpses through woodpecker holes.  Shafts of sunlight.  The textures of weathered windows.  Things you may not usually notice.   

The installations are deliberately small and unobtrusive.  Visitors are invited to look into corners, above windows, through holes and cracks for their own sake.  Instead of entering the hide merely to look out at the fen, you are asked to look more closely at the environment of the hide itself. 

Both artists combine photography, mark making and print techniques to create layered, mixed media work.

You can meet the artists in person at Wicken Fen on Saturday 14th April from 11:00am - 4:00pm.

The event is free but normal admission charges apply.