Sponsor our Konik ponies

Konik ponies at Wicken Fen galloping towards the camera

Sponsor Wicken Fen's Konik ponies from just £30 per year.

Konik ponies were introduced to Wicken Fen in 2001 as part of an extensive grazing programme. 

The ponies are helping to create and maintain habitats for Wicken's amazing range of wildlife, including some of Britain's most endangered species.

The Konik Polski is a hardy primitive breed originating from Eastern Europe. The breed was chosen for their ability to adapt and thrive in a wetland environment and have been used to help manage nature reserves across Europe.  

You can now sponsor  Wicken's near one hundred strong herd of Konik ponies from just £30 per year.

There are three forms of sponsorship, Gold, Silver and Family. All sponsors receive a certificate, regular newsletter and entrance to 'name the foal' competitions. Gold sponsorship costs £50 per annum, and sponsors, plus a guest will get a personal visit to meet the Koniks with one of the Grazing Rangers or volunteers. Silver sponsorship is £30 per annum, and sponsors and a guest will be invited to join one of two group walks to meet the Koniks. Family sponsorship costs £45 per annum for two adults and up to 3 children. Family sponsorship is the same as Silver sponsorship although walks will be arranged specially for families. 

Please download the Sponsorship Form (PDF / 0.1103515625MB) download and return the completed form to Wicken Fen.

Thank you for your support.