Walking your dog at Wicken Fen

Dog walking on a lead

Wicken Fen welcomes all dogs and their humans. To make sure that everyone has an enjoyable visit, we have put together some tips and access information for your day out with your four-legged friend.

We welcome all well-behaved dogs that are on a lead to the wider nature reserve. At the present time we are asking visitors not to bring dogs onto the Sedge Fen for pre-booked visits, as there are protected ground nesting birds close to visitor routes. There are acres of paths to explore on Baker's, Adventurers' and Burwell Fens and beyond. See our map or speak to a member of our friendly visitor welcome team for more information. Assistance dogs are allowed inside all of our buildings.

Why do dogs need to be on leads?

There are several reasons that we ask for dogs to be kept on leads, and one of the main reasons is for the safety of your and our animals. Wicken Fen is home to our grazing herds of konik ponies and highland cattle.  They roam freely in our open fen areas and are vulnerable if startled by dogs.

We also politely ask for all walkers to keep their dogs on leads for the comfort of other visitors, for the safety of the wildlife on the reserve, and the wellbeing of animals in the neighbouring fields.

Eating with your dog

Take your dog into the café – on a short lead – while you choose and order your food.  Seating is available on picnic benches beside the boat house or in the car park.

Throwing away the waste

We have several bins for you to dispose of your dog’s waste beside footpaths.  Our Visitor Centre team will be happy to point you in the right direction.  They also love to offer dogs a dog biscuit to welcome them to the fen.