Discover more at Wightwick Manor at Wightwick Manor and Gardens

With an art collection to rival most national galleries; a home everyone wants to move into; a dedicated gallery of our own and a grden full of delights there is so much to do at Wightwick Manor

A view of the Drawing Room with Jacobean-style plaster ceiling at Wightwick Manor
The painted glass window on the Nursery landing at Wightwick Manor

Discover the manor and collections at Wightwick 

Explore a home full of Pre-Raphaelite art and William Morris interiors, lovingly collected by Sir Geoffrey and Rosalie, Lady Mander.

Entrance hall and interior view of Wightwick Manor

Highlights of our collection 

What are the things you absolutely cannot miss on your visit.

Night and Sleep be Evelyn De morgan

A Better, More Beautiful World 

Discover A Better, More Beautiful World in our new gallery.

‘Love Among the Ruins’ by Burne-Jones displayed in the Great Parlour, Wightwick Manor

The Pre-Raphaelite art collection at Wightwick 

How Wightwick Manor came to be the home of an impressive collection of Pre-Raphaelite art.

Painting 'He descedend in to Hell' by Simeon Solomon

The forgotten Pre-Raphaelite 

Discover the poignant and tragic life of Simeon Solomon, the artist with two lives, as part of our commemoration of 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality

The Lion drawing by Philip Webb

Beautiful beasts: Philip Webb and the making of The Forest tapestry 

Read the story of four beautifully executed drawings by Philip Webb at Wightwick Manor and learn their connection to a tapestry collaboration with William Morris.