A blend of light and chemistry

Developing trays layed out in the Wightwick dark room

The Mander family always loved chemistry, and this included new developments in photography, so much so that they built their own dark room.

In the low undercroft of the old Malthouse the family created a dark room to develop their family snap shots. This rare survival is testament to the Mander's interest in photography which has left Wightwick with a wealth of old images.

Both Theodore and Geoffrey Mander were trained chemists, so it's not surprising they were interested in the technical side of developing photographs, not just taking them.

Family photos hanging to dry
Photographs hanging up on string in the Wightwick dark room
Family photos hanging to dry

Wightwick is still a great place to come and take photographs, either out in the gardens, of the architectural details of the house or inside of the beautiful art. Long exposures are the order of the day in the house as we don't allow flash but other than that all we ask is that you are considerate to other visitors.