Wightwick's second-hand bookshop

A volunteer organising paperback books onto wooden selves in the second hand bookshop at Wightwick

Want to share your favourite book? We accept donations of old hardback and paperback novels for our second-hand bookshop in the old apple store.

The Mander family loved reading, their library was overflowing and they were always encouraging their servants and factory workers to read.

If you share their passion for the printed word, have a browse through our second-hand bookshop in what used to be the old apple store.

Face coverings are recommended in enclosed, crowded areas.

What is your favourite book from your childhood?
John Mander as a little boy reading a children's book in the nursery in the day nursery at Wightwick Manor
What is your favourite book from your childhood?

Making donations

We rely on kind donations from the general public to keep the shelves stocked and by making a donation you are helping support our conservation work here at Wightwick.

We accept both hard and paperback books and equally accept fiction and non-fiction.

As our bookshop is not staffed, we cannot accept DVDs, VHS, CD's or audio cassette tapes as these may carry age restrictions on them.

Things like old maps and guidebooks are very popular, however many technical publications date quickly so sit unloved on the shelves. The same is true of magazines or readers digest so are best recycled rather than donated.

If you wish to make a donation please phone our reception between 10am and 3pm on 01902 760106 so that we can ensure that there is someone to receive your donation.