A winter garden has more to offer than you might think

Berberis by the yew and holly walk at Wightwick Manor

Frost on the grass, tree branches bare against a clear blue sky, breath misting in the air. There is nothing quite like a walk on a sunny winters day.

Whilst the flowers may not be in bloom there is still interest in our garden this winter. Its a great time to walk through Mawson's garden rooms and see the structure he introduced in his designs. The walls and yew hedges around the house show formality and planting areas whilst the sweeping views to the pond stand out.

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Looking back from the woodland and ponds you catch glimpses of the house through the bare trees which are themselves things of beauty.

However the garden isn't completely devoid of colour and life; watch the birds feeding off the winter berries and enjoy the winter shrubs in the borders.

Footprints in the snow, where will they lead you?
Wightwick Manor snowscene of footprints and lone tree
Footprints in the snow, where will they lead you?

It won't be long before the first of the snowdrops poke their heads through, but before then we may even get dusting of real snow which always transforms the garden. Just be careful where you tread - in mud or snow you'll definately need your boots, and look out for areas closed for winter recovery.