Conservation in Action days at Wightwick

A selection of soft paintbrushes, shaving brushes and polishing tools laid out on a white cloth ready to be used for conservation cleaning

On the second Wednesday of each month from February to October, we'll be letting you into our secrets. Meet our award-winning conservation team and learn about how they protect and care for the items in our care and see some of the treasures we just don't have space to display.

Conservation in Action

Taking place on 13 February, 13 March, 10 April, 8 May, 12 June, 10 July, 14 August, 11 September and 9 October.

From light damage to pests, dust to humidity, many things can damage our collection. As part of your visit to the Manor, find out how we care for our furniture, ceramics and artwork through our preventative conservation measures.

What conservation work have we been up to this winter?

Vicky, our Conservation Assistant can tell you more:

"In December we opened up access to the Mander sleigh. Our Senior House Steward spent the year working hard to prepare and dress the space and carry out preventative conservation on the sleigh. It is now on display with old photographs of the Mander family enjoying the sleigh in its heyday.

From 24 December to 1 March, the upstairs of the house will once again be closed. This is so that the conservation team are able to get stuck into carrying out preventative conservation on the collection. Each room and object will get a thorough inspection and clean to ensure the collection is properly looked after.

During this time we will be taking down the Beyond Ophelia: a celebration of Lizzie Siddal, Artist and Poet exhibition that the Daisy room has played over the past year. In its place will be the Rossetti: Pre the Pre-Raphaelites exhibition.

Conservation in Action starts again on Wednesday 13 February. Come and see what it takes to look after our collection, meet our award-winning conservation team and have a go at handling and cleaning the objects. Entry fee to the property applies, but there is no extra charge to take part in Conservation in Action.

How to make the pots and pans shine
A National Trust conservation assistant wearing gloves is cleaning a big cooper pan with a cloth and polish in a Victorian Kitchen
How to make the pots and pans shine

In February, a book cataloguer will be paying us a visit to catalogue all the books in the house. This is a long but important process that will greatly help us by putting a record of all the books we have onto our collections database.

The textiles on the bed in the Honeysuckle room will return to us in the spring having been carefully cleaned and conserved over the last few months."


Find out more on our Conservation In Action event page.