Group visits to Wightwick Manor

Family crossing the Mathematical bridge, Wightwick

Wightwick Manor is a popular destination for private groups, societies and clubs, and pre-booked travel groups - however the layout of the site doesn't always make these visits straight forward. Part of my role is to make sure Group visits run as smoothly as possible

I like to talk

I'm here to help, so please call or email me. You don't have to wait until you have a definite date, and I can talk you through some of the problems our compact little site presents. We also book up quickly and can only take one group at a time so chat to me before publicising the visit.

The National Trust policy is that all group bookings must be booked with us in advance, once we've talked through all the elements of your visit I'll send you a booking form to complete.

So what is a group?

A group of 15 people or more visiting together (that can include National Trust members) qualifies for our group entry rate and early guided tours. Groups also have to be paying collectively rather than individually.

Group visits can be booked for weekdays any time of the year, and during quieter times of the year we can also take bookings at weekends. Nor can we accept groups on bank holidays. The house is closed on Tuesdays (except in July and August) to allow for routine conservation work so we don't take inside tours at these times.

Come and enjoy the lush gardens and beautiful views of Wightwick Manor
Part of the front lawn at Wightwick Manor in the West Midlands and your view of the house

Visiting the house

Most of our group visitors come to look around the house. If you would like to enjoy a guided tour then these run in the hour between 11 and 12 before the house opens to the general public. Before noon your tour guide will look after you, after this time they will let you walk at your own pace. Unfortunately the house is too small to have both guided and non-guided visitors after 12pm.

Because the rooms of the house are relatively small and packed full of treasures we split larger groups into tours of 25 or less, each with their own guide. If you are visiting after 12 pm then we ask you not to all visit the house (or indeed any other building) together as this can be overwhelming.

Getting something to eat

Groups arriving before 11am are welcome to pre-book tea, coffee and treats to be ready on their arrival.

To avoid queuing you can also pre-book lunch for your group from our set menu. We have limited indoor seating, shared with our other visitors, so we may ask your group to split into two sittings, and at very busy times we reserve the right to refuse a booking.

Enjoying the sun outside the Manders’ tea-room
People sitting outside the Manders’ tea-room in the old stables, Wightwick

Getting here

Unlike most National Trust properties Wightwick is surrounded by the West Midlands road network which means there are many ways of travelling to us, too many to put brown signs on all of them and also notorious for traffic jams!  We advise you to plan in plenty of time for your journey, although we try to stay as flexible on timings as possible.

We also don't have any coach parking onsite. Your coach driver will need to drop you off on the road (please don't let them come into our car park, it's very narrow), then park in a layby around 1/2 a mile away, before coming back to collect you. We know this is less than ideal and we're constantly trying to find a better solution, but for the moment we're doing the best we can.

There are two places to be dropped off, either on Wightwick Bank - which is better if some of your group have issues walking but is a narrow road with weight restrictions and speed bumps. Or you can be dropped off on the Bridgnorth Road and walk a short distance in to our car park. After 11am we can help shuttle visitors with our electric buggy service.

I'm happy to answer queries by email or phone (01902 760105) to make sure everything goes smoothly.