Outdoor exploring this spring holiday

The garden in springtime at Wightwick Manor

April, the flowers bloom and the sun finally feels warm. What a great time to get out in the garden.

Join us from the 8 - 23 April for the early spring holiday

Be an outdoor explorer for the day

We are developing a new outdoor sensory family guide. Throughout half term you can use the early version to explore the gardens and we'd love to hear your feedback when you're finished. Complete some of your 50 things tasks by making a home for a wild animal, feeling really adventurous? why not make a den for yourself as well.

Get in really close

Pick up one of our orienteering courses or bug/bird hunting packs to see what you can find. Bug hunting and bird spotting packs cost £2.50 and include a prize when you return them.

Always wanted to be David Attenborough? Why not use a smart phone to create your own wildlife documentary on your journey.

Never too early to picnic

Why not spread your blanket in the orchard next to the daffodils for an early picnic, ask in the tea-room for take away tea or coffee to keep warm if its a bit chilly.

Fancy a game of outdoor noughts and crosses, bug style?

In the Grigg House and on the South Terrace you'll find a tree stump board and pebble bugs to play with.

For a full list of the activities happening this half term, download the planner below.

Half term activity planner (PDF / 0.484375MB) download