May Half-term Family Activities

Beehives in the late afternoon sun

Have you been a busy bee this school holiday? Find out what gets bees buzzing during half-term, Wednesday 30 May - Friday 1 June 2018.

Join us from Wednesday 30 May to Friday 1 June for some fun family activities.

Tick off some of your '50 things to do before you’re 11¾'

Number 31: Hunt for bugs - Pick up one of our bug or bird spotting packs from Visitor Reception to see what you can find. Bug hunting and bird spotting packs cost £2.50 and include a prize when you return them. Always wanted to be David Attenborough? Why not use a smart phone to create your own wildlife documentary on your journey. Available all year-round, £2.50 per kit hire, includes a prize.

Number 36: Make a home for a wild animal - Build your own bee hotel using a plant pot and bamboo canes. Solitary bees are different to honeybees as they don't live in hives - make your bee B&B the best in town. Wednesday 30 May - Friday 1 June, £1.50 per participant. No pre-booking needed.

Number 41: Plant it, grow it, eat it - for the bees anyway! Learn how to make an oragami plant pot using newspaper, then plant a seed in peat-free soil which will grow into a food source for bees later in the year. Wednesday 30 May - Friday 1 June, £1.50 per participant. No pre-booking needed.

If you haven’t got one of our 50 Things booklets you can pick them up from Visitor Reception. Don’t forget to collect the stickers for your book from our reception team!

Never too early to picnic

Why not spread your blanket in the orchard or by the pools for your first picnic of the year. Ask in the tea-room for take away tea or coffee to keep warm if its stil a bit chilly! Top tip - buy one of the new William Morris-design reusable bamboo travel cups for our shop and you get a larger serving of your favourite hot drink in our tearoom!

Fancy a game outdoors?

On dry days, look out for some classic outdoor games on the South Terrace lawn. If it's sunny day, there may even be an Edwardian deckchair or two to relax on.