Explore outdoors

Girl and boy laying on grass making a daisy chain

Go wild, pick up your adventure pack and start to explore nature with our self-led activities.

All year round you can pick up a range of free self-led trails and activities from our reception which will lead the whole family in fun and discovery.

We have bug hunting and bird watching kits to borrow from reception for £2.50, don't forget to collect your prize when you return it.

Why not download and print one of our spotter trails.

Wildflower spotter's guide (PDF / 0.4MB) download

Bird spotter's guide (PDF / 0.3MB) download

Butterfly spotter's guide (PDF / 0.4MB) download

Build a den
Mother and daughter building a den in the woods
Build a den

Depending on the weather run around in the rain or on windy days try to catch a falling leaf or bring along your kite and get it aloft.

See if there's any frogspawn lurking in the pond or head to the orchards when the grass is getting long and start your own grass trumpet band!

Track your progress with your adventure scrapbook available for free from our Visitor Reception. Don't forget to collect stickers for your scrapbook before you say goodbye!