Winkworth Arboretum's Tree Adventure

Made made using oak trees from the Arboretum and complete with a climbing wall, fireman's pole, rope tunnel and ladders, the Tree Adventure is the perfect way for children to let off some steam.

Tucked away among the trees, this wonderful wooden structure takes its inspiration from the natural environment, fitting into the woodland in an organic way which is in harmony with the existing landscape. 

The Winkworth Tree Adventure is made up of two main multi layered platforms which are connected with a rope bridge and rope tunnel, providing an adventure for children of mixed ages and abilities. Older children will be able to play alongside their younger siblings, each engaging with different elements of the structure.

Its features include a climbing wall and fireman’s pole, providing stimulating and exciting ways for children to come and go, whilst developing their motor skills, coordination and balance and encouraging imaginative play.The wooden structure will age and harden over time, becoming increasingly harmonious with the surrounding trees and plants. It provides an addition to the Natural Play Area, which was unveiled in 2017 and has proved to be a focal point for families visiting the Arboretum.

The natural play area at Winkworth Arboretum

Natural play area

Winkworth is a great outdoor space in which children can explore nature. Our Tree Adventure area is perfect for children to be active with a fireman’s pole, rope tunnel and mini climbing wall. It’s built from wood and other natural materials and provides all the inspiration a child needs to have a great time experiencing the outdoors. The play area is open daily.

The area is surrounded by wooden benches, made using oak trees from the Arboretum, which have fallen in the wind. They were handcrafted by a member of our gardening team and are designed as a restful place to sit and relax whilst watching your children play. The Tree Adventure has been made possible by a substantial donation from a National Trust member and regular visitor to Winkworth Arboretum. The generosity of our donor will help children develop a love of trees at an early age, providing the gift of a personal connection with nature.

If you’ve never visited Winkworth Arboretum before, or if you’re a regular visitor, this is an ideal chance to come and discover something brand new.