Winter at Winkworth Arboretum

An empty bench by the lakeside in winter at Winkworth Arboretum

Laced with frost and dotted with unusual winter blooms, Winkworth Arboretum becomes a secret haven of botanical beauty during the colder months. Wrap up warm and discover 149 acres of understated tranquility in this fascinating wintry woodland.

The Winter Garden

Just a stone's throw from the entrance kiosk, the Winter Garden is a joy to wander through during the colder months. This bright corner of the Arboretum banishes the doom and gloom of winter with a myriad of colourful, scented flowers - and that's before the daffodils and snowdrops arrive.

Rowe's Flashe Lake

Winkworth is seldom more atmospheric than on a wintry day down at the Boathouse. Take a moment (or four) at this beautiful viewpoint and let the calm stillness of Rowe's Flashe Lake soothe your spirits.

Take a breath of fresh air on the boathouse balcony
Rowe's Flashe Lake on a winter's day
Take a breath of fresh air on the boathouse balcony

The tea-room

After your visit, warm up with a cup of tea in the cosy Arbor tea-room, serving hot food, drinks and homemade cakes with locally-sourced ingredients. Gluten- and dairy-free options are available, as well as a range of wholesome vegetarian food, so there's something tasty for everyone to enjoy.