Woolsthorpe Manor

Falling leaves, Isaac Newton's apple tree, Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire

Important notice -

We are closed to the public for building works until early March 2019.

Isaac Newton changed the world here

Woolsthorpe Manor

Our work

Tim Peake at the European Space Agency

Newton's Space Saplings 

Our Pips in Space are now Space Saplings and they are looking for a new home that can inspire the next generation of future Newtons!

Scientific Instrument on a window sill at Woolsthorpe Manor

Winter Cleaning and Conservation 

Our winter closure means we can give the Manor a deep clean and some tender loving conservation repairs.

Woolsthorpe Manor

Get involved

Volunteers prepare flowers for a special event at Woolsthorpe Manor

Become a volunteer 

We're always ready to welcome new volunteers so take a look at the kind of roles we offer and how to join the team.

Woolsthorpe Manor

Things to see and do

Woolsthorpe Manor

What's on 

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Sorry, there are no upcoming events at this place.

Woolsthorpe Manor

Eating and shopping

Woolsthorpe Manor


The Manor House from the orchard

A place in scientific history 

This is where an apple fell from a tree - and the way we see the world changed.

Woolsthorpe Manor

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Woolsthorpe Manor on the National Trust Collections website