Walk from Woolsthorpe

Blossom against a blue sky on the trees at Woolsthorpe Manor

Walk in the footsteps of Isaac Newton this Spring. Take a short stroll from Woolsthorpe Manor to St.John the Baptist’s church, his parish church in Colsterworth.

Start the walk where it all began; explore the Manor where Isaac Newton took his first steps into a lifetime of observation, experimentation and discovery.  Discover how in his Year of Wonders, Isaac returned from Cambridge to do some of his greatest work on mathematics, optics, the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

In the orchard you'll find the tree of scientific legend where Newton saw the apple fall and asked why it always falls straight to the ground.

The site at Woolsthorpe Manor is only small, consisting of the historic orchard and buildings, therefore although we love dogs, we are only able to allow assistance dogs on site. 

Pick up the leaflet in the Goat House Ticket Office and follow the trail to St.John the Baptist’s Church in Colsterworth.  Both villages have expanded and almost merge, but you can still get sense of the pastoral environment in which Newton and his family, lived and worked.

Newton would have walked from his home at Woolsthorpe Manor to church each week to worship in the Newton manorial aisle, passing the brook on Water Lane and then crossing the River Witham. 

At the church you’ll find two generations of his family buried there, although Newton himself is buried in Westminster Abbey in London.  Newton made gifts for its upkeep and improvement throughout his lifetime. Today you can see the font in which he was baptised and a sundial carved by him in childhood. 

Sundial carved by Isaac at St.John the Baptist Church Colsterworth
Sundial carved by Newton as a child on the wall of St.John the Baptist Church in Colsterworth
Sundial carved by Isaac at St.John the Baptist Church Colsterworth

Newton had an interest in the Church and church architecture from an early age.  In the Hall of the Manor you'll find graffiti of a church believed to be by Newton's hand, and in later life he built scale models of the Temple of Solomon from Biblical references.

St.John the Baptist's is open daily from 9am to 4pm; with varying Sunday services.  Check the church website for specific service times.

Isaac Newton's family church, St.John the Baptist's church, Colsterworth

The Newton Learning Centre Project

The Project aims to reinstate the Newton family chapel and establish a heritage centre within the church focused on faith and science.