Be a scientist this half term

Children exploring coloured lights in the Science Centre at Woolsthorpe Manor

Science is our favourite subject at Woolsthorpe - we love it so much we're not stopping for half term this October.

Be inspired by Isaac Newton's world-changing science and our family science experiments this half term at Woolsthorpe Manor. When the sun shines into Isaac's study, you can use a prism to turn sunlight into the colours of the rainbow just as he did in 1666. Across the yard in the Science Centre you can experiment with gravity, friction and light. If your maths is up to it, you can even try to explain calculus!

On Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October we'll have special science days with some amazing alchemical stuff and pop-up experiments led by our team of science volunteers.

After half term we go to our winter hours, but the Science Centre will still be open from 11am-3pm every day for exploration and discovery even though the manor house will only be open at weekends.