Summer family fun at Woolsthorpe

Girl playing with metal ring as part of a sicence experiement

Join in our Year of Space activities this summer. We'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings, looking at the Earth as a planet and you'll find a model spacecraft in the Barn.

Test theories in the Science Centre, join in one of our science workshops, explore the Manor and see the most famous apple tree in the world.

In our hands-on Science Centre, you can explore Newton’s laws of Motion, get dazzled in our Light Workshop or stare at depths of the blackest black. Find out whether gravity works for everything in the same way. Our science volunteers can help you to work out why it does (or doesn't).

Step around the corner and you'll find a Lego® model of the Soyuz Descent Module in the barn. The model is constructed from 160,000 Lego bricks and took 650 hours to build! An impressive feat of engineering and dedication. Watch the Lego Soyuz construction here.

Weave your way around the site as you explore the key events in the Space Race. Take part in the free paper trail running daily through the summer holidays.

The Manor House is full of stories of Isaac Newton's life and work. If the sun is in the right place, you can use a prism to split light into rainbow colours in Isaac's bedroom, just as he did.

Visit the Hayloft in the Manor to watch the Apollo 11 mission launch and Lunar Module landing.  Understand the role of Newtonian physics and use of calculus in the Apollo missions. Walk in the footsteps of Buzz Aldrin and take a #SpaceSelfie with him!

Take a #SpaceSelfie with Buzz Aldrin!
Life size cut out of Buzz Aldrin on the moon (in the Manor)
Take a #SpaceSelfie with Buzz Aldrin!

You can watch the short film which tells the story of Isaac's year of discovery at Woolsthorpe Manor, and visit the apple tree which inspired his work on the theory of gravity. For younger children there are games in and around the Activity Room to keep them entertained.

Lego® Model Soyuz Spacecraft
Free. Open daily. Normal admission applies.

In 2015, astronaut Tim Peake embarked on the Principia mission to the International Space Station, returning to Earth in the Soyuz TMA-19M descent module.

Thanks to the UK Space Agency, the descent module (replicated out of Lego®) has made a detour to our barn.  See the model Soyuz; get up close and take a #SpaceSelfie and imagine what it feels like to travel back to Earth in something the sze of a small car.

Space Race Trail  Sat 13 July - Tues 3 Sept
Free. Normal admission applies.

Weave your way around the site as you explore the key events in the Space Race. See how Newtonian physics was central to many missions and learn how the drive to win lead to phenomenal technological advances on both sides.

Global Rocket Launch -  Tues 16 July
11am - 3pm. £1. No need to book.
Help launch rockets at Woolsthorpe and join the celebration around the world with Space Camp’s Global Launch!

The launch of Apollo 11 brought the world closer together in a moment of celebration for mankind’s monumental achievement, and 50 years later, Huntsville and Space Camp are bringing the world together again to celebrate another awe-inspiring launch.

Join in the fun, take a picture and hashtag #GlobalRocketLaunch #Apollo50 @NTWoolsthorpe @RocketCenterUSA.

Space Race rocket workshops - Weds 17 July, 31 July, 14 August, 28 August
11am - 1pm. 1.30pm - 3.30pm. £2 per child. Normal admission applies.

Join in the Space Race and design, build and test rockets of different types. Test which one works best; standard paper rockets, water rockets or film cannister rockets? Which are your favourite?

Book on arrival.

Moon 50 Family Show - Sat 20 July
11.30am  - 12.30pm & 2pm - 3pm. £2 per child. Normal admission applies.

Join in the Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th celebrations with our Destination Space Moon Show!

The interactive Moon 50 Show aims to answer some of the big questions. How did they get to the Moon? What did they find there? What does the Moon smells like? Then you can get to grips with the challenges the astronauts faced when working on the Moon.

Show is due to last between 45 and 60 minutes. Limited places. Book on arrival.

Planet Earth workshops - Weds 24 July, 7 August, 21 August
11am - 1pm. 1.30pm - 3.30pm. £2 per child. Normal admission applies.

Would seeing Earth from space change your perspective?  Join in our workshop to find out.

Book on arrival.