Fun for future Newtons this summer

Girl playing with metal ring as part of a sicence experiement

Woolsthorpe Manor is small, but perfectly formed for families. Bring your future Newtons to Woolsthorpe and you'll find plenty to inspire them here, however old they are. Test theories in the Science Centre, join in one of our Summer Science workshops, explore Isaac Newton's home and see the most famous apple tree in the world.

In our Science Centre, children of all ages - even grown-up ones - can get hands-on with some of Isaac's most famous experiments. Even the smallest visitors can climb into our 'tower' and drop things to discover how gravity works, and A-level scientists can talk about black holes with our science centre volunteers.

Watch the short film which tells the story of Isaac's year of discovery at Woolsthorpe Manor, and visit the apple tree which inspired his work on the theory of gravity. For younger children there are games in and around the activity room to keep them entertained even if it's raining.

Explore the Manor House which is full of stories of Isaac Newton's life and work. If the sun is in the right place, you can use a prism to split light into rainbow colours in Isaac's bedroom, just as he did.

We're a small place and space in the house is a bit limited, so sometimes you might be asked to leave pushchairs outside. However we have baby hip carriers to borrow, high chairs in the Coffee Shop and a baby changing room.

Summer Science workshops

Is seeing believing?

The camera never lies or so they say! Stage and photograph illusions with the help of our science volunteers.

Have fun staging optical illusions
A photographic iillusion showing a volunteer holding a minature human
Have fun staging optical illusions

Bug hunting

Come and hunt for insects at Isaac Newton's house. Our theme is 'Light' and we'll be investigating how insects both see and produce light, known as 'bioluminescence'.

Full details on our event listing, no booking required.