Illuminating Newton at Woolsthorpe Manor

Isaac Newton bust in the Hall Chamber at Woolsthorpe Manor

This summer we're working on different ways to tell the stories of Isaac Newton at Woolsthorpe Manor. Like Isaac, we'll be trying new things and we hope they'll open up his life and work to the wider audience he deserves.

From one viewpoint, Newton's story looks like a typical rags-to-riches tale: lonely young boy overcomes obstacles to become famous, a scientific genius, one of the greatest men of his age. But like all good stories, there's more to it than that.

What inspired the fatherless infant from a Lincolnshire farm to do the things he did and ask the questions his teachers couldn't answer? This summer at Woolsthorpe Manor we'll be casting new light on Isaac Newton's life and work.

Bringing Newton's home to life with sounds, smells and careful use of light and images we'll be asking some of the questions about how his family saw him, what was expected of him and the life he led at Woolsthorpe - resisting the farm and his birthright to break through into a different world.

We hope you'll encounter the Isaac Newton of Woolsthorpe Manor - a man glimpsed in the everyday life of the farmhouse, a child underfoot in the kitchen, a student obsessively experimenting with light in an upstairs bedroom, even seen from a distance as the national figure he became.

Discover more about Newton's extraordinary life as we experiment as he did.