Light, the universe and everything

Entrance to Science Centre at Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor is where Isaac Newton saw an apple fall from a tree, split light into rainbow colours and tried to solve the system of the universe - all before he was 24 years old.

There's still a lot of science at Woolsthorpe Manor today. Try a different sort of visit in the Science Centre. Like Newton you can play with light and find out whether gravity works for everything in the same way. Does the feather fall at the same speed as the apple? And our science volunteers can help you to work out why it does (or doesn't).

What else is there? Only our regular pop-up science bases, hands-on family events, stargazing nights and the apple tree which inspired a genius. Pick up a prism in Isaac's room and find out why it became part of one of the most important experiments in science history.

If you're a teacher, ask about our tours and workshops for primary and secondary schools, and bring science teaching to life in the place where it all happened.