The Science Centre at Woolsthorpe

Young hands with Mum trying to grab the holographic apple in the Light Workshop

Get stuck into science in the interactive, hands-on Science Centre. Visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in science, testing Newton’s theories on gravity, motion, optics and light.

Newton had a lifelong curiosity about the world around him.   Let yourself be curious – step into a science zone and question everything. Have fun observing, experimenting and discovering. Science is for everyone! It’s part of everyday life, from the phones we use to cooking the evening meal.

The Light Workshop

Climb the stairs to discover the way light works.  You can test refraction and then reflection by getting distorted in our mirrors.  Peer at the one of the blackest blacks and ask yourself what properties the colour has?  Grab the holographic apple before you leave and take an imaginary bite.

Climb the stairs to discover the properties of light
Children climbing the stairs into the Light Workshop in the Science Centre Barn.
Climb the stairs to discover the properties of light

Ground Floor

What keeps a planet in orbit or an object on the ground?  These are the questions that Newton was driven to answer, and you can ask these questions too when testing Newton’s theory of universal gravitation. 

Loose yourself testing elliptical orbits in the gravity well, and climb the tower to see if the feather falls at the same speed as the ball?  Our science volunteers help you work out why it does or doesn’t.

Try stuff out, learn about the principles of Newton’s work and how it resonates today. Woolsthorpe Manor is where Isaac Newton saw an apple fall from a tree, split light into rainbow colours and tried to solve the system of the universe - all before he was 24 years old. 

There are mysteries to unravel, problems to solve and questions that need answering. Maybe we’ll spark new interests in science or even ignite a passion for space exploration, maths or physics that lasts a lifetime.

The distorting mirrors are hard to resist
Boy having fun staring at his reflection in distortiing mirrors
The distorting mirrors are hard to resist


Children playing inside the Lego model of the Soyuz Capsule

Lego Soyuz spacecraft lands at Newton's home

Something has landed from outer space in our Barn. A two-thirds scale model of the Soyuz Orbital Capsule constructed from Lego®. Yes, Lego®!