Manor House timed entry

Clock in the Parlour

Admission to the Manor House will be by timed entry. Timed slots are available on the day from the Goat House ticket office. Atleast half of the slots are held back for on the day. For busy times such as weekends or school holidays, booking is advisable. You can pre-book any time up to the DAY BEFORE your visit.

After successful trials last summer, we will be running timed entry slots again this year.  The entry arrangements are both to improve your experience of visiting the Manor House, and to reduce the wear and tear on the historic building. 

As a team of staff and volunteers, we are passionate about Isaac’s home. We want to share this special place with you, carrying on the long tradition of the Manor House as a place of scientific pilgrimage. 

Our new entry system should strike the right balance, enabling you to enjoy the Manor House without concern about damaging the building

We hope these changes will result in a more meaningful visit to the Manor House. You should have time to interact with the guides and space to contemplate the significance of what happened here. Whilst behind the scenes House Steward Jennie, and her team, will be better able to conserve the Manor House for generations to come.

In a nutshell

Timed slots are available on the day on a first come first serve basis.

For the majority of mid-week and off-peak times, there is no need to pre-book, unless you want to guarantee a certain time slot.

You can pre-book any time up to the DAY BEFORE your visit.

There is no charge to reserve your time slot. Entry to the Manor is free for National Trust members. Non-members pay for admission on arrival at the ticket office as normal.

Timed entry slots run every 15 minutes.

Book your timed entry slot from 15 Feb to 23 Feb here

A window into Isaac's world.
Mullioned window reflected on to a Newton etching.
A window into Isaac's world.

Why have we introduced timed entry?

Over the last few years, visitor numbers have risen to a level where protecting the Manor House and the collection has become very difficult. On the busiest days, there are people waiting to pass through rooms.

To ensure you get the best experience, and to help protect the Manor, we need to limit the number of people entering the house at any given time.

Investigations have shown that the Manor House’s visitors, especially at peak times, are having more of an impact than previously thought. Stress cracks are evident throughout the building.

Controlled numbers throughout the Manor House will mean that we are spreading out the flow of visitors and keeping well within weight bearing tolerances on the first floor.

The new entry system should strike the right balance, enabling you to enjoy the Manor House without concern about damaging the building.

How much does it cost?

Just like before, admission to the Manor House is included in your ticket price, or free if you’re a National Trust member.

How do I book a timed entry slot?

You can select your entry time by booking online or calling 0344 2491895 up to 24 hours in advance of your visit. Half of the tickets for each time slot can be pre-booked, with the remaining half issued on a first come first served basis, on the day.

We are open every day from Monday to Sunday, with timed entry running from 11.00 – 4.30pm and the house closing at 5pm.

Entry tickets may book up during our busiest periods – typically weekends, school holidays and bank holiday weekends. If you’re planning to arrive after midday during these times, we advise to reserve your time slots in advance to guarantee entry into the Manor.

Do you ever run out, should I book in advance?

Weekdays and off-peak periods rarely run out of timed slots.  Normally you can take your pick on the day.

For busy periods such as bank holidays or if you want to ensure you have a certain time slot, we encourage you to book your timed entry in advance to avoid any disappointment. Slots are available on the day, but are issued on a first come first served basis from the Goat House ticket office.

To book your slot in advance, please call 0344 249 1895 or book online at least 24 hours ahead of your visit.

How far in advance should I book?

If you want to book in advance, please do so at least 24 hours before your visit.

Timed entry can't be booked online or by telephone on the day of the visit. However, they will be available on a first come first served basis from the Goat House Ticket Office.

When should I arrive for my allocated timed entry slot?

On arrival, come to the Goat House ticket office as normal and you will be given your ticket for your time entry slot. 

If your allocated time is 12.45-13.00 for example, you can enter the Manor House at any point between those two times at the front door of the Manor House.

How long can I stay in the house?

We only ask that you come into the Manor House within the time slot allocated to you. Once in the Manor, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like until closing time at 5pm.

Do I need a timed entry ticket for the Orchard and Science Centre?

Not at all, you can explore the Orchard and Science Centre at any time during your visit.

Your support means we can enjoy this special place for years to come.