Newton's Space Saplings need homes!

It's not everyday you get the chance to nuture one of Newton's Space Saplings. Our Space Saplings have an impecable pedigree, have experienced microgravity and now deserve somewhere special to set root and call home.

Our carefully nutured Space Saplings at Wakehurst
Space Saplings at Wakehurst
Our carefully nutured Space Saplings at Wakehurst

The UK Space Agency, the National Trust and Kew, who worked together on the project, have teamed up with South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) in Lincolnshire to launch the competition to find partners that share a commitment to inspire future Newtons to host the trees.

Organisations can now bid for one of the eight remarkable saplings, explaining how they will give them space to grow, engage new audiences and promote curiosity.

Can your organisation share the intertwined story of Newton, gravity, physics, space exploration and horticulture and light a fire of discovery in the next generation of scientists?

If so, please download the forms and further information below.

Donwload the Bidding Form and Information here (PDF / 0.6MB) download

For further queries please contact:
Jannette Warrener, National Trust, or Jeremy Curtis, UK Space Agency