Quiet times at Woolsthorpe Manor

Looking into the Manor with reflection of orchard on one side.

Make the most of the opportunity to visit Woolsthorpe Manor during the week. Enjoy the space and time to contemplate Isaac Newton and his extraordinary achievements.

As you walk around the site, consider how it was that a yeoman farmer's son, raised by his maternal grandparents, grew up to question and challenge the pastoral life and future handed down to him.

His curious childhood and inherent intellectual ability, produced a human being that changed the course of science and the world forever.

You'll get time to talk to our volunteers, wander around the house and test Newton's theories in the hands-on Science Centre.  You may even meet Spot the cat.  A regular visitor from the village.

You're welcome to bring your art materials or your trusty camera.  Please be aware that the house is small and only pencils are allowed in inside and no flash photography is permitted inside.

Since his death, Woolsthorpe has been a place of pilgrimage for scientists from around the globe.  In a normal week, you'll find volunteers talking with visitors from far flung places such as India and Brazil.

Science Centre

In our Science Centre, visitors of all ages can get hands-on with some of Isaac's most famous experiments. Test ellipitical orbits and climb the stairs to learn about light, or discuss black holes with our science centre volunteers.

Manor House

Get a sense of Isaac Newton's in the Manor House. As a boy he observed the world around him, making models and drawing pictures. If the sun is in the right place, you can use a prism to split light into rainbow colours in Isaac's bedroom, just as he did.

Step inside to learn more about Isaac Newton
Young couple walking up to the front door of the Manor
Step inside to learn more about Isaac Newton

Walk to the church

Looking for more to do? Take a short stroll to St.John's the Baptist, Isaac Newton's parish church in Colsterworth. Please be aware that only assistance dogs are allowed on site.

Blossom against a blue sky on the trees at Woolsthorpe Manor

Walk from Woolsthorpe

Walk in the footsteps of Isaac Newton. Take a short stroll from Woolsthorpe Manor to St.John the Baptist’s church, his parish church in Colsterworth.

Dog walking on a lead

Dogs at Woolsthorpe Manor

Dogs on leads are welcome in the car park; only assistance dogs are welcome on site at Woolsthorpe Manor.

Victoria sponge cake being cut on the counter at the Woolsthorpe Cafe

Eating and drinking

Boost your energy levels at Newton's Barn Coffee Shop.