Science Communicators

Family discussing science at Woolsthorpe Manor

Science volunteers of all ages bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire visitors to learn about Newton and his scientific legacy. Once we reopen, we will be looking for science communicators to help us deliver our exciting and innovative science programme.

Our volunteers might be found demonstrating Newton's work through interactive exhibits in the Science Centre, assisting with school groups, doing pop up science, giving talks or hosting science tours in the Manor.  We can offer training and support and links with organisations such as STEM and the ASE.

Our ambition at Woolsthorpe is to inspire our visitors into a lifetime love of science.  So whether you bring years of industry experience or are an A-level student looking to build up your skills, there are opportunities available here.

Get involved and help us deliver our innovative science programme.

Science Centre & Holiday Workshops

In our hands-on Science Centre visitors of all ages can get stuck in to test Newton’s theories of motion and light.  Every interactive station has interpretation to help the visitors, but science volunteers add a deeper level of explanation and open discussion with our visitors. We also run themed workshops for kids and pop up science for all ages throughout the year.

Testing Newton's Laws of Motion
Hand holding an apple and feather to test Newton's First Law of Motion
Testing Newton's Laws of Motion

Educational Visits

Our science volunteers help us deliver our education programme.  Our learning workshops are tailored to fit with the national curriculum, but retain our approach of hands-on fun science.  So if you enjoy shooting off rockets, demonstrating gravity or playing with rainbows, volunteering with us could be your thing.

Engaging our younger visitors with hands-on science
Demonstrating with a test tube kit
Engaging our younger visitors with hands-on science

Science Talks

Our volunteers give talks on subjects as varied as women in science, optics and space travel. We are looking for volunteers to give talks and host Manor tours for science enthusiasts.

As a science communicator, you can spark that interest in science that may last a lifetime.