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Indoor hands-on Science Centre at Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor is closed to further restrict the spread of coronovirus in accordance with Government guidelines. Therefore we are not taking bookings or enquiries for the foreseeable future. The information below might be useful for planning future visits and school topics.

Our team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable science communicators offer an inspiring experience to engage curious young minds. We provide tailored activities for Key Stages 3 and 4 and A level/Btec students.

Isaac Newton changed the world at Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire. Here he took his first steps into a lifetime of observation, experimentation and discovery.

Home of one of the most influential scientists, this unique site is the ideal place to immerse your class in science and heritage. Pupils will develop their understanding of Newton’s scientific theories and learn about his fascinating life and childhood.

Using Newton as inspiration, education visits here are about being curious, hands on and experimental. Pupils will explore their potential as aspiring future scientists.

We offer a personalised experience with pupils spending the visit in small groups to enhance their learning experience.

Reading Newton's landmark work on gravity Principia Mathematica
Tim Peake reading Isaac Newton's Principia in space
Reading Newton's landmark work on gravity Principia Mathematica

Plan your visit

Groups are limited to 45 during the spring, summer and early autumn, and larger groups to 70 over the winter.

Our secondary school offer is under development, so please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Pupils will work scientifically in engaging, practical workshops; making observations, discussing ideas and linking what they observe with scientific principles. Sessions can include taking measurements and recording results.

Trips will include a guided visit to the Science Centre to help pupils test Newton's theories using hands-on exhibits. 

Manor House tours of Isaac's life and work at Woolsthorpe are also available.

Select a workshop from the range below.


  • Light – Explore the light spectrum, refraction and light travelling in straight lines.

  • Forces and motion – Design, build and fire rockets.

  • Space – Explore the Moon, space travel and satellites.

  • Sound - Investigate how sound travels through different materials.