Volunteer at Woolsthorpe Manor

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Our volunteers make all the difference to how visitors experience Woolsthorpe Manor. We wouldn’t be able to bring the story of Isaac Newton to life without them. Together we can communicate the worldwide significance of Newton’s work and ensure the whole site is preserved for generations to come.

Volunteers are welcome from all areas of the community for both regular and one off volunteering; bring your skills, learn new ones and be part of a team that is passionate about Woolsthorpe Manor.  You don’t need to be a Newton expert to get involved!

So whether you have an interest in history, are enthusiatic about science, a love of serving cake or green fingers, there are opportunities to get involved with our work here.

Manning the press on Apple Day
Woolsthorpe Manor Apple Day Volunteer with an experiement
Manning the press on Apple Day

Ways to get involved

Science Communicators

Science volunteers of all ages bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire visitors to learn more about Newton and his scientific legacy.  Our volunteers might be found demonstrating Newton's work through interactive exhibits in the Science Centre, assisting with school groups, doing pop up science, giving talks or hosting science tours in the Manor.

Room Guides

Room Guides welcome free flow visitors and share the stories of Isaac Newton, his science, the Manor and his family.   The stewards help visitors have more enjoyable and insightful visit.

Learning Volunteers

What was it like to be a Natural Philosopher in the 17th Century? What did Isaac Newton discover at Woolsthorpe Manor? Learning Team Volunteers share the story of Isaac Newton with young visitors, schools and families through tours or hands on science activities.

Family discussing science at Woolsthorpe Manor

Science Communicators

Be a science communicator with us. Volunteer in the Science Centre, give science tours or help with educational visits. Sharing a passion for science makes a difference.