What's happening in Isaac's orchard?

Winter has gone and things are greening up in Isaac Newton's orchard at Woolsthorpe Manor.

At this time of year the orchard at Woolsthorpe Manor is coming back to life after a cold wet winter. The apple trees aren't quite in leaf yet, but the spring flowers are all coming through and we particularly love the delicate purple fritillaries with their chequerboard petals.

But that's not all. There are hyacinths and cowslips, primroses and daffodils; the other fruit treesare all busy putting out new growth and the cherry trees and redcurrants are starting to flower - it's all action in this place which has seen so much history.

Because the winter has been so wet, we have temporarily roped off part of the orchard to give the grass a chance to recover, but we do hope to be fully open again soon. In the meantime the top half of the orchard is accessible and the North orchard, with its 'daughters' of the original Flower of Kent apple tree which inspired Isaac Newton is also open.