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You will need to book your visit to A la Ronde in advance. Thank you.

Quirky 18th-century, 16 sided house with fascinating interior decoration and collections

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A la Ronde

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Please book ahead before visiting 

The car park, house, grounds and toilets at A la Ronde are open, Wednesday to Sunday, and you’ll need to book your tickets by 3pm the day before your visit. Members can book for free, while non-members will need to pay when booking. We'll be releasing tickets every Friday. Please note we’ll be turning people away who arrive and haven't booked. We're looking forward to welcoming you.

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Timed entry to A la Ronde (4 Aug - 8 Aug)

Wed 04 Aug 2021
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A la Ronde

Things to see and do

ALR House

Exploring A la Ronde 

Discover A la Ronde's interesting history, admire it's beautiful interior decoration and find out about it's interesting legacy on a pre-booked visit. Knowledgable guides are on hand to tell you it's many secrets and stories as you explore the unusual sixteen-sided home of the Parminter cousins.

Shell Gallery at A la Ronde, Devon

Virtual tours 

Virtual tours of the Drawing Room, Shell Gallery and the panoramic views give opportunity to see the detail of these beautiful spaces in your own home.

A la Ronde tea cosy knitting pattern

A la Ronde


Enjoy hot drinks, crepes, sandwiches and cakes from PanCrepes

Tasty treats 

New for this year PanCrepes pop-up. Enjoy barista coffees, teas and a wide variety of sweet and savoury crepes, sandwiches and cakes. Enjoy your take-away under the trees in the orchard or gaze out on beautiful views from the lawn.

A la Ronde


Mid-19th-century child's painting of A la Ronde

Discover the past 

Find out how the construction of eccentric A la Ronde was inspired by an 18th-century tour of Europe. Learn more about the Parminter's daring tour around revolutionary Europe, from travelling through bandit filled forests to encounters with royalty including Marie Antoinette and the King of Prussia.

A la Ronde

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A la Ronde

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at A la Ronde on the National Trust Collections website