A la Ronde

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A la Ronde is now closed for the season. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2021.

Quirky 18th-century, 16 sided house with fascinating interior decoration and collections

A la Ronde

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The Drawing Room at A La Ronde, Devon

A la Ronde virtual tours 

While A la Ronde is closed, you can still experience panoramic views, delve into one of the rooms and be placed amongst walls of shells on a 360 degree virtual tour.

A la Ronde tea cosy knitting pattern

A la Ronde


Mid-19th-century child's painting of A la Ronde

Discover the past 

Find out how the construction of eccentric A la Ronde was inspired by an 18th-century tour of Europe. Learn more about the Parminter's daring tour around revolutionary Europe, from travelling through bandit filled forests to encounters with royalty including Marie Antoinette and the King of Prussia.

A la Ronde

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A la Ronde

Art and collections

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Explore the objects and works of art we care for at A la Ronde on the National Trust Collections website