Summer walks with a picnic spot

Smiling older man with picnic basket

Summer is almost here and there are lots of things in the house and garden for families to enjoy. Take a relaxing walk around our wild flower meadow, a place full of flora and fauna, then relax with a picnic in our orchard.

Wild flower meadow

We may be small but we are perfectly formed.  With our ourtstanding wild flwoer meadow full of a variety of flora and fauna.

Regular visitors to our property include green woodpeckers, ladybirds, slow worms, badgers, dragonflies and moles.

In the meadow you may see butterflies, such as speckled white, holly blue, common blue, meadow brown, gatekeeper, and the speckled wood.

We are lucky enough to have a variety of meadow flowers including:

Oxeye Daisy - Larger version of the common daisy

Corky-fruited water-dropwort  - this is a species of flowering plant in the carrot family

Meadow Vetchling - this plant attracts the Wood White Butterfly which lays its eggs on the plant

Red Clover - a favourite of the bumble bee and can be used to make a sweet tasting herbal tea.

A gentle stroll around this haven of activity is a wonderful way to spent time relaxing and also enjoying the spectacul;ar views over the Exe estuary.

Our wild flower meadow is cut annually to encourage biodiversity, this usually happens around July.


In our orchard we have benches between the apple trees for you to use for picnics and rest breaks

Outside our tea room we have a basket of picnic blankets that can be borrowed for your picnic on the grass.