Looking after Lord Fairhaven's books

Book conservation work in the Library at Anglesey Abbey

Throughout the year, our team of Conservation Assistants, mostly volunteers, move from room to room making sure that every single item is carefully conservation cleaned, monitored and its condition recorded. This includes the thousands of books collected by Lord Fairhaven.

Lord Fairhaven was an avid book collector, in fact there are approximately 6,000 books in the Library with another 2,500 or so, in other rooms of the house.

Each book is inspected annually for damage, which could include signs of pests or mould infestation. It is then carefully dusted using specialist brushes and a detailed condition report completed for each book to note any damage and inform future care.

These detailed reports help us build-up a picture of the overall state of the collection and potential problems. For example, if books in a certain area of the library are showing signs of damp, then the source needs to be investigated and appropiate action taken.

This year we are putting custom made silk taffeta coverings above our newly cleaned books to protect them from dust. This will reduce the need to clean them in future - with these coverings we will only need to clean them every 3 years instead of every year.

Looking after Lord Fairhaven's collection is our passion - its also very time consuming and expensive. Your membership and admission fees, purchases in the restaurant, shop and donations all help support this vital conservation work.

Thank you for your support.