Statue cleaning Volunteers at Anglesey Abbey

Cleaning a statue in the Rose Garden

It’s that time of year when our statue conserving team are picking up their tools and heading into the grounds here at Anglesey Abbey

We have 132 statues ranging from emperors and gods, to men and beasts. Looking after all of these and keeping them in tip top condition for our visitors to enjoy is quite a task and requires many hours of hard work. But thanks you to our volunteer statue team they look fantastic all year round.
The team consists of 8 volunteers from all different walks of life ranging from the emergency services to building surveyors, so a wide range of skills from everyone which helps to make a diverse team with everyone bringing something different to the table.
The team get started in March and work every Wednesday until October and steadily work their way through all of the statues on site removing any dirt, algae or other detritus and also checking for any wear or damage that could have occurred since the statue was last worked on. Once a statue has had its full makeover it is then ticked off the list and will look great for the spring and summer until later in the year when it will be covered for winter to protect it.
Whilst the team are out cleaning they do a lot of engagement of visitors who are often very interested to hear about what the team are up to and learn about how we care for the statues across the site. So if you are here on a Wednesday do keep an eye out for the team in action!

The Statue cleaning team at Anglesey Abbey
The Statue cleaning team
The Statue cleaning team at Anglesey Abbey

The Anglesey Abbey statue cleaning team:
John Gothard
Paul Jenkins
Michael Smith
Tim Long
Sally Wigglesworth
Bill Cioffi
Susan Hughes