Garden waking up for spring

Families admiring daffodils under the walnut tree

The Repton designed landscape at Antony, with its sweeping river views and unexpected nooks and crannies comes to life in spring with a multitude of blooms.


There are magnolias heavy laden with blooms located at various points around the garden. Take a look at the newly opened up Japanese pond or stroll over to the Mandalay bell framed by magnolia trees of different sizes.

The Mandalay Bell at Antony, Cornwall
The Mandalay Bell at Antony


Pear blossom

Take a leisurely stroll along lilac walk around the outside of the walled garden, it's the perfect time to see the fan trained pears on the old kitchen garden wall in full bloom.

Pear blossom
Blossom on pear trees growing against the outside of the walled garden at Antony



These small plants with delicate yellow flowers are dotted throughout the garden and make a welcome return each spring. They are sure to brighten up any walk around the garden in spring.


The summer garden has been freshly planted with tulip bulbs in a new design for 2018. Expect to see swirls of different colours and varieties adorning the formal beds.
Red tulips
Red tulips
" This is the time of year that you feel all the hard work over the winter has paid off"
- Mark Maunder