A lived-in family home

Antony library

If you are visiting the house you can spend some time unwinding, taking in the personal touches of a grand yet comfortable family home. The upstairs bedrooms have expansive views down to the River Lynher. A great place to relax, chat to friendly guides or simply do your own thing.

The beauty of the house derives not from ornament but from the Pentewan stone which glows a silvery grey on a bright Cornish day and the neat proportions of the house which give a timeless quality. The setting is even more breathtaking. The house sits high above the river Lynher with sweeping views.

Saloon by Nicholas Condy
Saloon at Antony by Nicholas Condy
Saloon by Nicholas Condy

Treasures in the house include portraits by Joshua Reynolds, a flag surviving from the English Civil War and a portrait of Charles I painted during his trial, one month before he was executed. The spirit of collecting is kept very much alive at Antony so you can enjoy the novelty of seeing recent acquisitions displayed next to older pieces.

The house is still lived-in by the Carew Poles. You might see toys in the saloon because a litle boy and girl live here. The personal touch is everywhere from bedtime reading laid out in still used rooms to the occasional sighting of Alba, the family dog.