Summer has arrived in the garden

Steps down from the terraces next to a bed of white roses

As summer begins to warm up, it's the perfect time to get outdoors and spend some time unwinding in the garden. Shake off the woolly layers and remind yourself where you put your sunhat.

The team of staff and volunteers who look after the garden are fortunate to work within a glorious Repton landscape which affords expansive views down to the river Lynher. Weeding could be worse.

Tim Burton decided to film Disney's, Alice in Wonderland at Antony. With the enchanting views and surprises around corners it's easy to see why.

Take a stroll, admire something you've never seen before, sit for a moment, take in the view, breathe in the Cornish air and relax. If you would like to find out more about the garden then you can join a tour.

Red maple leaves

Glorious garden tours

Tours take place once a month. Follow the link for dates, times and further information.

Purple arch of wisteria in the Carew Pole private garden

Wisteria pruning workshops

Learn to prune like a pro with Head Gardener, Dave Bouch. All levels of experience welcome including beginners.

Intricate green hedges of the knot garden at Antony taken at a striking angle.

Topiary at Antony

There are lots of topiary surprises in the garden at Antony from cone shaped hedges to an intricate knot garden hidden away.

Orange rose with a backdrop of purple catmint and the north corner of the house.

Roses at Antony

Roses make up an important part of the planting scheme at Antony. Each variety has been carefully selected for its colour, fragrance, hardiness and shape.

Yellow daylily hemerocallis lilioasphodelius in garden at Charlecote

Daylily tour

Antony holds the national collection of daylilies or hemerocallis. These plants with bright yellow flowers only flower for around a day which is how they get their name. Luckily the displays at Antony are big enough to show for several weeks. They were specifically chosen for the garden by Lady Cynthia Carew Pole in the 60s and 70s.