Summer of fun

Make a daisy chain at Chartwell

Ditch the remote control, escape the city and keep the kids entertained with a packed programme of summer fun. There are activities, trails and games to suit all tastes so no one's getting bored.

Summer is here and there's plenty to keep the family busy with outdoor games and trails including loads of opportunities to tick off some of the 50 things.

50 things

Climb through the branches of the spectacular black walnut tree crowning main lawn and tick off No. 1 'Climb a tree'. This well-loved tree is so big and old that some of the branches have grown down into the earth and back up again.

Whilst you're on main lawn look for the little patches of daisys that crop up, they manage to escape the big lawnmower. Make a daisy chain and tick off No. 16.

Check out the activities below to find out even more ways to complete your 50 things. Booklets are available from reception if you don't have one already.

Anyone for tennis?

Tennis nets made out of bunting set in glorious surrounds. Game. Set. Match. This is tennis with a National Trust twist. Feel free to bring your own tennis rackets along and pretend to to be a Wimbledon champion.

Creative Creatures

Have a go at creating creatures from natural materials in the garden. Will you try to make a beetle, spider or make up your own wild animal or insect? A National Trust gardener will be able to show you the best spots for foraging the most unusual leaves, seeds and mosses to make your creature complete. 

Den building

Tucked away in a hidden corner of the garden lies a den builder's paradise. Forage for branches and build a shelter in the woods. Will your den pass the water test? Even better, you can tick off one of the 50 things, No. 4 'Build a den'.

Miniature raft building

Let one of the gardener's show you how to build a floating vessel or maybe you have your own method? The main test - will it float on the Japaense Pond? Tick off No. 43 of the 50 things once you've finished building and floating your raft and then 'Discover what's in a pond'  and tick off No. 35.

Den building in the woods
Den building Killerton Devon
Den building in the woods