Save Dinefwr's White Park Cattle appeal

Our White Park Cattle herd have been with us for more than 1,000 years. They’re a real icon of Dinefwr and an important living link to our long and distant past. But they’re in danger and so is their habitat.

White Park Cattle stood in front of Newton House, Dinefwr
Stockman, Rhodri with White Park Calf

We're fundraising to #SaveTheHerd

Our Stockman, explains why we're fundraising to save our legendary herd of White Park Cattle

" We urgently need to increase the number of cows in the Dinefwr herd not only to save this magnificent animal from extinction, but to safeguard our links to Welsh history and to sustain the flower rich hay meadows on our estate."
- Rhodri, Academy Ranger at Dinefwr

How the appeal adds up

  • We have 800 acres of parkland which our herd helps conserve
  • There are just 20 breeding females and 12 youngsters left in our cattle herd
  • It's been over 1,000 years that we’ve had the White Park Cattle herd with us

An icon of Dinefwr

Y tarw newydd

Apêl Achub Gwartheg Parc Gwynion Dinefwr

Mae ein Gwartheg Parc Gwynion wedi bod gyda ni am dros 1,000 o flynyddoedd. Mae eu presenoldeb yn Ninefwr yn wirioneddol eiconig ac maen nhw’n ddolen gyswllt fyw â’n hen orffennol pell. Ond maen nhw, ynghyd â’u cynefin, mewn perygl.

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Twin White Park Cattle calves
£10 will buy 3 bales of straw to be used as bedding for our cows during the winter months.
£20 will allow us to protect our calves against parasites such as lungworm, eye worms and warbles.
A White Park cow and her calf in front of Newton House
Girl on the tractor trailer tour at Dinefwr
£50 will cover the cost of a pedicure for 5 cows
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