The dahlia border at Baddesley

Dahlia Border Baddesley Clinton

The autumn months are the best time to come and see Baddesley’s beautiful dahlia border in full bloom in the walled garden. The border is well established and contains dozens of varieties of dahlias which offer a wide range of flower types, often with very showy, double forms in warm vibrant colours.

The work for the dahlia border starts in early December when the gardeners draw up the planting plan and start to order the new plants. Plants are then delivered to us in the second week of April. We then pot them up and grow them on for 6 weeks standing them in cold frames and pinching out the tips to encourage branching out.

The dahlia border is starting to come through
The Dahlia border just starting to come through

The border is cleared of winter bedding plants in mid-May and the soil is prepared for planting in the first week of June, once the frosts are definitely over. Each plant is then individually staked and tied as it grows. Strong stakes are essential as the plants get very top heavy once they start to flower and constant dead heading is needed throughout their flowering to maintain the impressive display.

Dahlias create a welcome splash of colour in any garden
Pink dahlias in the border at Baddesley

Watering is done by 6 rows of trickle hose up the length of the border which ensures the flower heads are not drenched with water which would cause them to rot.

A view along the beautiful dahlia border
A view along the beautiful dahlia border

September is probably the best month to see our border at its best and the display is usually over after a really heavy frost in mid-November. The tubers are then lifted and sold so you can take a little piece of Baddesley home with you to add to your garden for the following year.