The de Clintons

Baddesley Clinton south east corner old stone moat

The first generation of the de Clinton family to live at Baddesley Clinton was Sir Thomas and Mirza’s younger son James in the early fourteenth century.

William the Conqueror had introduced a system of “Forest Law” which essentially protected areas of forest for royal and noble hunting. However, the Forest of Arden does not seem to have been subject to that law, and so by the fourteenth century was being settled, the woods being cut down for farming and for settlement. 

It is probably James de Clinton who had the moat dug, and the earliest buildings built. The thicker walls of the eastern half on the south range may be all that is left of the de Clinton’s house. 

During the rest of the fourteenth and the early fifteenth centuries the estate changed hands several times until it was acquired by John Brome in 1438. 

" From then agayne, by wedding of their heyre at first it came To Conisby, and after him to Foukes to Dudley by a sale, and so to Burdet past. To Metley next by Metley’s will it came to Brome at last. "
- Henry Ferrers: Verses containing a short account of Baddesley near Hampton