The gardens at Baddesley Clinton

Baddesley's dahlias

Lift your spirits and enjoy the delights of early summer in the garden here at Baddesley. Peonies and roses make our gardens the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll in the sun.

The wildflower meadow in the middle of the gardens will be looking its best in June, with yellow rattle, meadow sweet and other wildflowers looking their best.

The wildflower meadow is just coming into its own
A profusion of wildflower beauty

The walled garden is full of flowers in the summer, from perennial sweet peas and foxgloves in the box borders to the dahlias which should be in full flower from August. The annual border will be looking its best in July with flowers in all colours including blue!

The annual borders in full colour
The annual borders in full colour

The vegetable garden will be full and cropping will be well underway with the produce going to the restaurant. The scarecrows will be back for the summer holidays.

A visitor in the vegetable garden!
The scarecrows will be back...