Visiting Baddesley with your dog

Dog walking at Baddesley Clinton

It’s great to see dogs enjoying themselves here at Baddesley. Below is a bit more information outlining where your dog can and can't go at Baddesley and facilities available.

Where can my dog go?

Dogs are very welcome here at Baddesley on leads in the car park and on public footpaths across the estate.

A member of our welcome team is usually on hand, and will be happy to help if you need any assistance to ensure you and your dog has an enjoyable visit.

Head out onto the estate for a dog walk
Friends walking their dogs at Baddesley Clinton
Head out onto the estate for a dog walk

Discover our beautiful walks with your four legged friend.

Baddesley is nestled within the Warwickshire countryside and we have some lovely walks across the fields, along our local canals and through the woodland for you to enjoy.

Pop up to the entrance gate to take a picture of our walks maps, speak to a member of staff about the best routes to explore with your four-legged friend or download our walks from the website before your journey here.

Livestock frequently graze in the fields surrounding Baddesley, so we ask you to be mindful while walking your dog, especially if they are on an extendable lead. Help keep the countryside a safe, healthy and enjoyable place for you and your dog, other visitors, wildlife and livestock.

Where can't my dog go?

Dogs are not allowed past the entrance gates which includes the house, gardens, shop, toilets and restaurant.

Assistance dogs: Dogs assisting visitors with disabilities are welcome inside our house, gardens, shop, toilets and restaurant.

What do i need to be aware of at Baddesley?

  • Take the lead: help reduce the chance of your pup disturbing wildlife by keeping them on a lead.
  • Scoop that poop: bag it and bin it to keep your favourite places beautiful.
  • Paws for thought: look out for information signs and take extra care around livestock.
  • Be on the ball: not everyone loves dogs, so keep them close by.