Art Boxes at Basildon Park

View of the house at Basildon Park viewed through the trees from the parkland

New for this summer, Basildon Park is offering you the chance to experience the parkland in a different way, through creating pieces of art.

Art and Basildon Park

Basildon Park has frequently been linked to art. The Iliffe’s were keen collectors, as can be seen by taking a wander through the mansion, and the Brinsley Ford exhibition in the South Pavillion showcases some great pieces of work, including impressive Old Masters, 20th century engravings and paintings of the Grand Tour.

The Ford Collection at Basildon Park

During the summer months we want to give visitors the chance to engage with art in another way.

What is happening?

Everyday throughout June, July & August there will be boxes placed at various points around the parkland which contain some basic art materials.

It is then up to you to get creative, by sketching, drawing or scribbling something based on the view you can see at these various points. Once you have completed your piece of art, please pop it in the box at Visitor Reception for the Basildon Park team to collect in. Make sure your name and age are written on the back of the paper.

In the autumn we will be putting on an exhibition of some of the art pieces created during these months by visitors.

We can’t wait to see how creative our you are, and the different types of pieces that will be completed during these months. 

Map of the art boxes 

Download the map of the Parkland walks, where the locations of the art boxes have been indicated by grey rectangles on the map. 

Art Boxes map (JPG / 1.5322265625MB) download