Basildon Park en vogue

A close up of a Christian Dior piece on loan from the Fashion and Textile museum

Join us everyday until Monday 18 November for a special display of select pieces of designer couture from the Fashion and Textile museum. The specially curated exhibition is inspired by the famous weekend parties of Basildon Park in the 1950s and 60s, where Lord and Lady Iliffe entertained guests such as Princess Grace of Monaco and artist Graham Sutherland.

Lady Iliffe featured in Vogue Magazine in 1966, with the mansion and its landscape as the backdrop to the stylised portraits. It is the spirit of these photos that have inspired the exhibition and the items on display.

Day and evening wear pieces designed by fashion houses including Dior, Valentino and Chanel will be displayed, bringing the house to life with the expressive fashions of the guests who stalked its elegant rooms.

Detail of a Chanel suit on loan from the Fashion and Textile museum
Detail of a Chanel suit
Detail of a Chanel suit on loan from the Fashion and Textile museum
" ‘The vivid life and colour that filled this house at weekends has for a long time been missing. It’s about time we celebrated Lord and Lady Iliffe’s socialite side, as they brought prestige and recognition to Basildon Park with their dazzling dinners and glamorous parties for their celebrity guests.’"
- Sebastian Conway, House and Collections Manager

The exhibition will run daily from Saturday 17 August and will be taken down on Monday 18 November 2019. The exhibition is free with admission to the property.