Bluebell walks at Basildon Park

Bluebells in Hardwick woods

Mid-April to May is when the bluebells at Basildon Park transform the woodland with swathes of colour. The sight of bluebells means winter is really over and we can start enjoying warm spring afternoons exploring the parkland at Basildon Park. Pick up a welcome map from Visitor Reception and head off out into the woods in hunt for these blue beauties.

Hunt for bluebells at Basildon Park on a parkland walk

The best way to see the bluebells at Basildon Park is to follow a parkland walk through the woodlands. The green and blue walks are the best to see the bluebells of Basildon Park, as they go all the way through the woodland areas of the park.

The green walk is also great walk to do with the family, as its suitable for all terrain pushchairs, and not too long for little legs. Pick up a map from Visitor Reception, or download a copy and plan ahead for a great bluebell walk.

Spring time bluebells
Springtime at Margery Wood, Surrey
Spring time bluebells

Help us take care of the bluebells at Basildon Park

Bluebells add a beautiful splash of colour to so many woods across the UK, and walking amongst them can be irresistible. Getting up close with the delicate flowers may be tempting, but they are very fragile, and even the most careful can cause damage to them.

Help us protect the bluebells at Basildon Park by sticking to the paths and avoiding stepping on these sensitive plants where possible.