Basildon Park

Young girl playing in the parkland at Basildon Park

With four way-marked walks to choose from, there's plenty of choice for a refreshing winter walk out in the parkland. Who knows what adventures you may chance upon.

Parkland walks

Head out on one of the four way-marked walks for some quality time with your loved ones. Look out for robins and red kites flying above you, or see if you can spot some snowdrops blooming.


If you follow the way-marked walks you'll come across a sheltered dell in the woods where there's all kinds of materials to make the perfect shelter for you and your friends. Walk across the balance logs without toppling off and you'll definitely deserve a tea-room treat.

Tea-room treats

Pay a visit to the tea-room where there will be array of sweet treats and hot drinks to warm up after a busy day of den-building.