See autumn colour at Basildon Park

As autumn begins, the Parkland and gardens at Basildon Park transform into a riot of oranges, reds and hues of yellow as the leaves change. With a wide variety of tree species at Basildon Park, there’s much to be seen, and enjoyed, during a walk this autumn.

In the Parkland

As you wander through the parkland spot the Tulip trees changing to vibrant colours in September and October.

The yellowing leaves of the Field Maples make for a contrast to the surrounding reds and oranges that are appearing on the beech trees throughout the parkland as well.

There are four way-marked walks around the parkland at Basildon Park to explore autumn colour. For some of the best views back to the house in autumn, take the green walk that takes you to the very outskirts of the Basildon estate.

The Copper Beech 

Situated right in front of the house, the majestic copper beech at Basildon Park is a Victorian feature planted in 1850, and come autumn puts on a wonderful display of changing colour. 

" ‘It’s a beautifully proportioned tree. In spring, the leaves come through crimson red and mature to dark purple in summer.’"
- Tim Martin

The tree also has a bittersweet story. During the Second World War, Bill, a soldier stationed at Basildon Park met and fell in love with a local lady called Alice. Their plans to marry were dashed when Bill was killed. Alice remained true to her first love and never married. On retiring, she volunteered at Basildon Park as a room guide and after her death, her ashes were scattered under the copper beech to be close to her memories of Bill.

Autumn light in November at Basildon Park
Basildon Sunset Tree
Autumn light in November at Basildon Park