Summer holiday activities at Basildon Park

Children playing in the parkland

With 400 acres of parkland to play in, there’s plenty of space at Basildon Park for kids to let off steam during the summer holidays. Find out below how they can play at Basildon Park this summer.

The Great Ball Run

The Basildon Park ball run is one of the most popular play activities to take part in during the summer months. Play and explore throughout the parkland as you complete the ball run.

This year the Great Ball Run is themed around Basildon Park’s link to World War Two, when soldiers were based at Basildon Park. Historic features such as the zig-zag trenches, and the Nissan Huts that housed soldiers in the parkland, have been the inspiration behind the different runs this year.

Pick up the pack for £3 from Visitor Reception when you arrive, and enjoy exploring, and playing, throughout the parkland at Basildon Park this summer.

50 things to do before you're 11 and 3/4 activities

Basil-Den is a great area for kids to complete a number of 50 things activities, including den-building, hunting for bugs and making a home for a wild animal.

With vast amounts of open space to run in, Basildon Park is the ideal place to fly a kite during the summer months. Enjoy running after your kite and tick off a 50 things activity.

Ask at the Visitor Reception team for more info about what 50 things activities are available, and pick up any leaflets you need to complete them.

Art Boxes

The Art Boxes on offer at Basildon Park this summer are not just for adults to take part in. Kids can be creative too, so why not get them to experience Basildon Park in a new way by creating a piece of art based on what they can see.

Find out more about this here 

Natural Play

Along all four way-marked walks there are chances for kids to engage in natural play. With stumps that can become stepping stones, or logs that can be claimed as a throne, it’s a great chance to let imaginations run wild and spend the day playing in the outdoors.